STE Invisible Steel Framed Door



Denleigh’s range of steel framed doors provides an elegant and flexible solution to partitioning internal rooms in a wide range of residential properties.

Available in a range of classic and modern designs, the slender profiles and and timeless design integrate perfectly with any interior space addition privacy and flexibility, whilst keeping areas light and bright.

The S10 and S20 Invisible door collections are suited to contemporary interiors. S10 door comes with a wooden frame and S20 with an aluminum frame fitted with four built-in adjustable hinges. In contrast to other doors in the range they do not have a steel frame. Download our brochure for further information.

Hanging options
- S10 Hinged Door (flush with wood frame)
- S20 Hinged Door (flush with aluminum frame)

Door size               S10 Door Opening          S20 Door Opening
830 x 2015mm      918 x 2069mm                 900 x 2060mm
830 x 2115mm      918 x 2169mm                 900 x 2160mm
930 x 2115mm      1018 x 2169mm               1000 x 2160mm
930 x 2315mm      1018 x 2369mm               1000 x 2360mm

Laminated Safety Glass
Standard clear, Milk glass, Cathedral Glass

Handle options
Standard or Modern
Black, White, Satin Brass

Fire rating
No fire rating available


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